Tuesday, May 10, 2011

AVAILABLE RELEASES (pay pal payments to cutthroatrecords@gmail.com) add $.50 per 7" & $1.00 per LP for pay pal fees or send money orders (made out to Cassidy Spell, not Cutthroat Records) or well concealed cash to: Cutthroat Records/ 5711 Hoover St./ Houston, TX 77092/ USA

(CUT-036) THE WRONG ONES - "Deceiver" LP (Side A: "Unemployment Check", "Bad Girl", "Do It All Wrong", "She Makes Me Want To Spit", "Doomsday Transmission"/ Side B: "Demolition", "Bitch, Bitch, Bitch", "Wait A Second, I'm Going To Kill Myself", "Dead Already"

(CUT-034) THE BEXAR COUNTY BASTARDS - "Come And Take It" LP (Side A: "My Baby", "Get Fucked Up", "Little Mama", "W.W.L.D.?"/ Side B: "Annie's Song", "Bexar County Queen", "Hack City", "Suicide"

 (CUT-032) WHIPSTRIKER - "Crude Rock 'N' Roll" LP (Side A: "Crude Rock 'N' Roll", "The Excess", "Live For Tonight", "No Rights", "The Life As It Is"/ Side B: "To The Mind", "Out Of Scenary", "Alice Bring Me Back", "Bitch's Grass", "Living Like A Dog") Split release with MORBID TALES, IRON BONEHEAD, DEATHSTRIKE, and BESTIAL INVASION. 666 copies on black vinyl with a foldout poster and insert.

(CUT-030) THE MAHAS - "Dead Of Night" 7" ep (Side A: "Dead Of Night", "Fool"/ Side B: "Ghostshit") Split release with DEATH EXCLAMATIONS RECORDS. 250 copies on black vinyl.

(CUT-29) VENOMOUS MAXIMUS - "Give Up The Witch" b/w "Living Dead" 7". First press of 300 copies: some blue, some purple, some white marble mix. Second press of 50 coming soon. 

(CUT-026) LYSOL SS 7" (No track listing.) Split release with DEATH EXCLAMATIONS RECORDS.  150 copies on black vinyl.

(CUT-023) BORN LIARS - "Fast Songs Is All We Know" LP (Side A: "Fractured", "Poverty Check", "Port Authority", "Move Right In", "Find Me In Church", "Zero For Conduct"/ Side B: "Tropical Disease", "Ain't Livin' Today", "Ain't No Crime", "Let Her Go", "Back Where I Belong", *Unlisted Secret Track*) 300 copies on black vinyl with screened covers.

 (CUT-019) BLOODY HAMMER - "Apathy Is Bliss" 7" ep (Side A: "I Don't Care", "Hysteria", "Italian Punk", "Certain Death", "Public Enemy"/ Side B: "True Love", "Odio Il Mondo", "God Bless America", "Dead Erection", "Get Up And Go", "Keep Running") 300 copies on purplish gray marble vinyl with download card included. 250 copies with the black and white photo cover and 50 screened copies with different artwork, hand numbered 1-50.

 (CUT-018) PRIDE KILLS - "Elvis Party" 7" ep

(CUT-013) THE BORN LIARS - "Ragged Island" LP

(CUT-008) PAT TODD & THE RANKOUTSIDERS 7" ep (Side A: "Don't Worry 'bout Me Baby"/ Side B: "Idle Time") 500 copies on gray marble vinyl.

(CUT-007) THE DRUNKS - "Speed Metal Blues" 7" ep (Side A: "Death Dealer"/ Side B: "Heavy Metal Cocaine Blues") 500 copies on purple gray marble vinyl, 3 copies on maroon marble vinyl.

(CUT-006) RATTUS - "Invades The USA - Live 9/30/04 On WFMU N.J." 7" ep (Side A: "Sodan Tragedia", "Taalta Tullaan Kuolema", "Will Evil Win?"/ Side B: Jos Ie Olis Armeijoita", "Reaganin Joululahja") Split release with DEATH EXCLAMATIONS, MOTORCHEST, & PSYCHO WOLF. 800 copies on black vinyl, 200 copies on pink.

(CUT-005) THE BORN LIARS 7" ep (Side A: "Go Back One Day", "Meet Me Downstairs"/ Side B: "Back Where I Belong") 500 copies on black vinyl, with have of the covers with an orange stripe and the other half with a blue stripe.

(CUT-003) THE BORN LIARS - "Exit Smiling" CD