Monday, January 23, 2012

New Records (In My Collection)

ANTISEEN - "We Got This Far (Without You)" b/w "(We Will Not) Remember You" (Anti Nowhere League) (Sub Pop : 1992 : Transparent Red Vinyl) & "It Looks Good For Them To Care" b/w "Fuck All Y'All" (Sympathy For The Record Industry : 1992 : Transparent Blue Vinyl) I got both of these on ebay for 5.99 each plus postage. Some might say that was too expensive, but not for an avid ANTISEEN fan like myself. I already owned the SFTRI single, but it was on a baby blue opaque color. Being loony tunes for vinyl, I will buy every color I can get my hands on of records I love. Long Gone John (SFTRI owner) is a crazy collector also and pretty much every vinyl release he put out has an array of colors available to make collector nerds sweat. ANTISEEN needs no introduction and if you have not heard of them, go back to the rock you crawled out from and try to find any release from these Charlotte, North Carolina natives and get schooled on "Destructo Rock". They invented it for God's sake! If I remember correctly, their "Fornication" b/w " I Can't Control Myself" 7" single on Rave Records from '92 was the first 7" I ever bought from Vinal Edge when I was in 9th grade! 18 years later and I'm still trying to complete the discography of one of my favorite bands.
THE DIMESTORE HALOES - "Hate My Generation" b/w "Slow Suicide" (Junk : 1996 : Black Vinyl)/  "Dumb Radio" b/w "No Place Like Home" (The Telegraph Company : 2000 : Black Vinyl)/ "Shooting Stars" b/w "Graveyard Girl" & "No Happy Endings" (American Punk : 1998 : Transparent Blue Vinyl)/ "Everybody Loves You When You're Dead" EP (Pelado : 1998 : Black Vinyl) Another ebay find that ended up costing around $4 to $5 a 7", but again, I did not care because THE HALOES are one of my favorite rock and roll bands of all time, and I only had the two Pelado singles in my collection prior to this purchase - one of which was in this lot and the split with BLADDER BLADDER BLADDER. This will be my third "Everybody Loves You When You're Dead" 7" EP because I wore the 1st one out and bought a back up. Now I have a 2nd back up as well as the other 7"s I was missing to complete the band's 7" discography.